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Sharon May - Angels

Angel Connections

Have you ever asked how do I connect with my own personal angel?

Because of my experiences with angels I feel very closely connected to the Angelic Realm and this is why I refer to my work as Angel Connections, it is this connection that enables me to help you to connect with your angels.

I believe that we can all connect with the angels; and because of this belief I help people to find their own personal angelic connections, by running workshops and by giving talks to help enlighten people as to how close the angels are to them. Angel connections can help with spiritual guidance in all aspects of your life; you simply have to open up your awareness to receive these messages of guidance and support.

I work closely with Archangel Michael; he works closely with light-workers and helps them in their teaching work and spiritual healing. His name means ‘he who is like God’ he is the protector and the leader amongst Archangels. When you are in need of help and protection you need only to think of him and he will come to your aid.

To explain the term ‘light-worker’: A light worker is a person who feels compelled to help heal the world and other people. They will most probably have had psychic premonitions or angelic encounters. They may also have had a ‘rough deal’ in life and through first healing themselves; they will want to help others to heal themselves also. They feel that they are here for some higher purpose, and at first may not know what it is, but once the purpose unfolds they will want to share it with everyone.

My Angel Experiences

Due to my angel experiences, I am able to what angel communication is like; during the course of my life I have had many angelic experiences whereby my guardian angel has helped me, there have been times where my guardian angel has not only saved my life, but also that of my immediate family. The angels have given me advice and guidance throughout my life, and have taught me to trust my intuition, as this is one of the angel’s main ways of communication to us all.

Angel blessing

Through my Angel Connections workshop I pass on the knowledge of recognising angel signs to others, enabling them to enrich their lives through angelic communication. In the workshops I introduce you to your guardian angel and the many ways that angels communicate to us all by showing you the angel signs and sharing some of my experiences with you. During the workshop I will help you to open up your awareness by using your existing five senses in an enhanced way. This enhancement is actually your sixth sense, which when activated helps you to become aware of the signs around you, that you may ordinarily have dismissed.

Once you are aware of these signs and signals from the angels, it’s possible that you will suddenly realise that your angels have been with you communicating with you for a long time.

I have produced a CD which outlines a few of my many angel experiences, these will help you to connect with the angels; it also contains an angel meditation by popular Cornish healer Robbie Wright.

Audio sample 1

Audio sample 2

The full CD is available priced at only £8.00 including p&p


You are never alone

It is my utmost belief that you are never alone even at your loneliest time; the angels are walking by your side. They offer us love and support throughout our lives, helping us through the hard times, protecting us through the good. If we could only appreciate that they are there, imagine how much relief and joy this would bring!