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Spiritual Mentoring and coaching Service

What is a Spiritual Mentor?
What is a Spiritual Mentor? A mentor is someone who acts as guide, teacher or intuitive counsellor in their specialist fields, my speciallity is spiritual and psychic development.

What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Mentoring is about personally helping to guide someone through a specific subject; in this case all things relating to Spiritualism, spiritual unfoldment and psychic development; the subject of your ‘spiritual progression’. 
As a Spiritual Consultant and natural intuitive I offer you my services as a Spiritual Mentor to assist you with blocks or issues that you may face along the pathway of your spiritual development.

How Spiritual Mentoring may help you
These are some examples of when you may need some help and may benefit from my Spiritual Mentoring Program.

• You may need assistance with your spiritual development.
• You are just starting out and exploring your spiritual pathway and need some help to define your ‘right path’.   
• You are an experienced spiritual medium or healer experiencing a ‘shift’ in your spiritual connections and are unsure of why it is happening.
• You feel you may need support and guidance on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Mentoring Services
Assistance and help offered with:

• Mediumship
• Spiritual growth
• Concerns with your progress
• Psychic development
• Personal progression

I am able to offer you the wealth of experience, knowledge, and understanding of spiritual, psychic and paranormal matters through Spiritual Mentoring and coaching helping to enhance and empower your own personal development on your Spiritual journey.

Spirit have been around me all of my life and as a young child I played with spirit children and saw spirit faces appear on the walls and ceiling of my bedroom; and many brightly coloured spirit lights would frequently dance around my room. Even from a very tender young age I experienced premonitions and dreams which came true. At the age of 13 Spirit gave me the name of my 'future husband' and we've been married now for over thirty years.

In childhood, Spirit sometimes even left me presents; I remember very clearly a beautiful book of nursery rhymes which I'd received early one Christmas morning and was on the end of my bed. I sat in bed in the half light of my room, reading through the beautifully illustrated pages, but I was tired and as I sleepily put the book down on the bed (which was placed right next to the wall), it slipped down in what seemed like 'slow motion' between the bed and the wall. When I looked for the book the following morning, it had mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again!

I carried on having many 'unexplained' experiences for many years until finally through a series of synchronistic events; I was introduced at the age of 19 to a medium. This meeting was a revelation and turning point for me and I finally knew who and what I was; I found out that everything I'd experienced up till then was leading me onto the pathway of mediumship.

Since that time I've had many more psychic, spiritual and paranormal experiences. For the past 30 years I've been actively involved with Spirit and Spiritualism by working as a Spiritualist Medium and tutor. I've carried out readings and workshops for a variety of people both in the UK and internationally. As a spiritual tutor I hold Angel, psychic and spiritual development workshops and circles (development groups) where I live locally in Somerset, and in the rest of the UK and abroad. I am a member of the Spiritualist National Union and I'm currently a tutor for the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Essex, which is an internationally acclaimed Psychic College.

Over the years I have been able to help many people who have approached me that have needed help on their spiritual pathway.  By calling upon my depth of knowledge and experience of spiritual teaching, mediumship and spiritual growth; I have been able to help many to understand their development, empowering and enabling them to progress.  Some have gone on to develop their abilities as psychics, angel readers, mediums and even spiritual teachers in their own right, offering their services to individuals and churches alike.

As many people are now starting to awaken to their spiritual missions, Spirit has inspired me that now the time is right for me to offer these Spiritual Mentoring Services.

If you feel that you may benefit from Spiritual Mentoring then please contact me.  The mentoring sessions will be of a bespoke nature and built very much around your own personal needs, be that a one off consultation or a longer personally designed programme for you. 

If you would like to find out more about this Spiritual Mentoring Service and what it involves, or any of the other services that I offer; then please email me for further information and fees.



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By purchasing a reading, you agree that your spiritual consultation is subject to your own interpretation. Information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. Choices, and/or actions based on the content of your reading are your responsibility.

Love light and angel blessings
Sharon May