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The "Knowing" Angels

I was out for the day on a shopping trip and I decided that I was going to buy lunch for myself, it was only 11:30 and I decided to pop into Marks & Spencer’s before the lunchtime rush.

I purchased a sandwich, a pot of coleslaw, a yogurt and a diet fizzy orange drink; as I went to pick up the cutlery and serviettes a small voice in my head told me to pick up extra cutlery and serviettes.  I was puzzled and thought ‘hang on a minute I don’t need the extra stuff, and I don’t want to drag it around in my bag”, so I didn't pick up the extra cutlery or serviettes.

At 12:30pm I found a seat in the busy shopping centre and decided to have my lunch.  I opened the coleslaw and sandwich and proceeded to enjoy my lunch when suddenly the plastic fork I was using for the coleslaw suddenly flew out of my hand and landed on the floor.  I gasped as I realised that I now needed another fork to continue my lunch and then I smiled as I remembered the small voice that had urged me to pick up an extra fork, but that I had decided to ignore.

I put the unfinished pot of coleslaw in a bag for rubbish and decided to open my drink, as I opened the bottle it fizzed up madly and went all over my shopping bag and the floor; now I realised why I needed the extra serviettes, as the two I had on me were not enough to mop up the mess!

So the moral of the story is – always listen to your angels as they can see around corners and know what is coming ahead!

So why do they (the angels) give us this information, even though it sometimes seems trivial?

Well I believe that it’s to get us to take notice of them, and for us to realise that we are not alone, and they have our best interests at heart.  So that at a time of great need or danger, we will listen and act upon the small voice that is heeding us to take notice of their advice, and that we will trust that what we are hearing or feeling is true, and that there is no room for doubting the small voice.

One day that voice may help to save your life, so start listening to your angels, they have your best interests at heart!

The lesson: TRUST

Knowing angel