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guides & angels

I am often asked the question “What are guides & angels”, so I thought you might like to know a little more about the subject of Angels and Guides, and what's the difference.

Guardian Angel - Angels
Your guardian angel is as the name suggests, your guardian or protector if you like. Everyone has at least one guardian angel who is assigned to them from birth by the Creator, your guardian angel will help you along your life pathway whispering suggestions and inspirations, and helpful ideas to you, with regard to relationships, career or life changing decisions etc, they are there to guide us, protect us and love us.

My guardian angel is a childlike angel who helps to warn me of any dangers, and nudges me on my pathway to meet certain people and gives me inspiration and ideas to help me on my pathway.

Spirit Guides
Spirit guides are our teachers in life, some of these stay with us always, whilst others change as we change. We ALWAYS have more than one guide who helps us with their own specialities, think back to when you attended school and went through the secondary or senior schools; when you attended your english, maths, biology, geography, art etc, you also usually changed teachers, as these were all experts in their particular field of interest. So it is with your guides, they are all experts in their particular field, such as healing, philosophy, mediumship etc.

I have many guides and helpers who step in when I need their particular expertise and I'm sure that this is the same for other people too. Again your main spirit guides have always been with you, but they are usually waiting in the background until your knowledge and thirst for spiritual knowledge has increased and the time is right for you to get to know them better.

As the saying goes, 'When the student is ready the teacher will appear.!!

Angel Altar

How do you distinguish between your Guardian Angel and your main guide or Doorkeeper?
Your doorkeeper/gatekeeper/main guide is different from your guardian angel, but having said that your doorkeeper may be an angel or a guide or may even be a relative who passed before you were born or maybe someone who is part of your soul group from a past life so it just depends on who has been assigned to you.

For instance my doorkeeper is from a past life in India, she was my 'nanny' then; and still resumes the role as my main guide today and helps to oversee the roles my other guides and helpers have. She has always been with me, we played together as children, along with my other guides Angelica, Miriam and Rapoor; these were what most people would call my imaginary friends, although they were very real to me.

So your Guardian angel is separate from your main guide or doorkeeper, but that main guide or doorkeeper could well be an angel too!