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Archangel Michael

Michael is known generally as the protector, his name means ‘who is like God’, his feast day is the 29th of September; pictures of Archangel Michael often show him with a sword and shield.

Archangel Michael helps you with courage, protection and truth; you can call upon him to help protect you spiritually, physically and emotionally.  When he is around there can be a feeling of security and love which pervades your senses, this is Archangel Michael letting you know that he has heard your call and is around you, protecting you from whatever insecurity you may be experiencing right now.

Michael is the archangel to call upon when faced with problems of any kind; these may be emotional, physical or spiritual.  They may be problems to do with jobs or relationships, whatever the problem or obstacle, Michael can help you to find your inner strength and truth; to enable you to find your own power to find a positive outcome from any negative situation.

Archangel Michael also helps to cut the ties from emotional pain, if you are having difficulties with relationships or situations, just visualise Michael with his sword cutting the etheric ties that bind you to that person or situation.  This should help to bring you strength and calmness.  By helping you to deal with your past, Michael can help you to find a better view and positive outcome for your future.

Affirmation for Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael I call upon your assistance right now

Archangel Raphael

Meaning of Raphael - Healing power of God.

The colour most frequently associated with Archangel Raphael is Green and is commonly known as the colour of healing.

If you are drawn to Archangel Raphael it may be that you are a natural healer and that you feel drawn to helping people in some way.  This may be through the conventional path of becoming a Doctor, nurse, occupational therapist, optician, etc; or you may be drawn to working with a complementary therapy such as colour, crystals, energy healing or creative therapies such as music and the arts.  Whatever the calling, Raphael is the archangel who can be called upon to assist you with whatever form of healing is used and required.  You can also send out healing thoughts and prayers to a person or situation and ask that Raphael surround them with his cloak of healing light, love and protection.  Raphael can also help with healing past wounds such as emotional pains, which can help to clear any blockages which may be stopping a person from moving forward in their life.

Raphael’s healing light can touch all areas of the mind, body and spirit so he can be called upon to help in any situation and you can be rest assured that he will always help for the highest good and intent.

Raphael will also help you to undertake your own healing pathway to enable the healing of your own doubts, insecurities and ailments, helping you to let go of anything holding you back from fulfilling your healing pathway.

By enabling your own healing this will help you to re-energise and re-focus your attention on your pathway of healing others.  By focusing on your own healing your will find the tools which will eventually help you to help others.  Meditation, visualisation, focus and intent are tools which may help to put you onto the pathway of healing and onto the journey of your soul.