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Finding your dream

Well looking back over 2005, I realise that the spirit world have been giving me hints as to what the next steps are on my life's journey, but as usual I've not always seen the obvious; so they have thrown lesson after lesson at me, until I finally ‘got it'!

Fortunately whenever I bumped into an obstacle on life's highway, they have also nudged me to read just the right book at the right time, or I've met the right person at the right time to help me understand the ‘lessons,' and what I could learn from the situations, and believe me I've had quite a few ‘lessons' to learn this year!

I've learnt (and still learning) that the old adage, ‘when one door closes another opens' is very true; another is that you ‘create your own reality', again very true. So what does this all mean – well it's about making the most of opportunities both taken and missed, and turning them into positive learning situations and moving forward toward your dreams and goals. I've learnt that every single situation that you find yourself in, whether by choice or someone else's, is simply another lesson for you to grasp hold of and learn from, to enable and to equip you with knowledge that you need to help you in the fulfillment of your life mission.

What I've also learned is, to not only to find your dream, but to hold on to it and work toward it, and before you know it you are living it. The most important piece of knowledge that has been imparted to me this year is about being true to yourself, listen to your inner voice and be true to it, because this is who you really are. If you want to be a dancer, a musician, a doctor, an actor, a singer, a teacher or maybe even an astronaut – stay true to your feelings because this is your mission and you can work toward it however insurmountable it may seem, if you can dream it – you can do it – believe in yourself and in your dreams!

Find your dream
Hold the dream
Work your dream
Live your dream

Love your life!


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