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Poetry - The Jouney

All of the poetry on this page has been channeled by me, you are free to use it for non-commercial applications.
(conditions for use: each poem is to be kept intact, my name and copyright is to kept with the poem as its author).

The Journey

The music it grew louder
The harps, the strings of violins
The voices with notes so crystal clear
The music was softly ringing in my ears.

My body it was floating
Gently up towards the sky
Oh this is wonderful,
Is this what its' like to die?

Harmonious and heavenly
I could gently feel
The golden touch of Angels wings
Softly easing all my ills.

My child you are mistaken
You are not to die,
This journey you are undertaking
Is a journey of your birth.
For now you are to visit the planet known as Earth.

From one world to another
The Angels gently glide,
For they are always with you
Walking always by your side.

The music faded gently
And the voices were now a hum
My body felt a little heavy
And I heard an angel say,
Welcome to your journey on this special day,
Forever now and always it will
Be known as – your Birthday!

(Channeled by Sharon May, 5th April 2005) © Sharon May 2005, all rights reserved

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