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Loves Many Guises

Love comes in many guises; it comes in the form of relationships with people, pets, places or simply being at peace. It comes in the sense of knowing that we are all bound by the universal law of spirit, that we are all here for the purpose of knowing and experiencing ‘love' in its many forms. Many of us will have experienced relationships with parents, siblings, partners, children, friends, tutors, work colleagues, pets, etc. Not all of these experiences will have been positive. When the experiences are of a negative nature these are often important and pivotal in the molding of our lives and personalities. These negative messages are often there for us to ‘choose' whether we learn and go forward with our lives or whether we become embittered by the experience and therefore ‘stuck' in that moment forever, unable to move forward and fulfil our true potential. Then there are often lessons repeated until we ‘get the message' and are able to move on.

The positive experiences are there to ground us, give us hope and comfort, knowledge, experience and to uplift us. They are also there to remind us that there is much joy in the world, and often this joy is derived from sharing a special moment with a loved one, or simply knowing that you are loved, nurtured and needed. Laughter doesn't cost anything it's free and often accompanies a sense of well being and can help in creating ‘special moments' in your life, memories to look back on and remember with affection.

I believe that we are all here to learn about ‘love' in its many forms including the highest accolade of all - ‘Unconditional Love'.

The lessons we encounter in our lives are all heading for the same result – unconditional love, but at the time we may only see what is set before us; maybe we will have spoken ill words with someone and from this may come dislike or even hatred of that person.

We have to see the bigger picture from this lesson and this may be to learn about:
•  listening
•  understanding
•  compassion
•  forgiveness

We have free will to choose whether we become embittered and stand still in our spiritual development or understand and move forward towards unconditional love.

So stand back and reflect on the ‘lessons' of your life, see where the Angels have given you ‘homework' and see where you would benefit from ‘revision' from this lesson, see how the Angels have helped and guided you to the answers that you seek, and you will realise that you have had more support from the Angels than you first realised. Cherish love in all its many guises and this will move you forward toward unconditional love.

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