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Angel Blessings – a gratitude journal

It’s easy to think of all the negative things that we’ve experienced and easier still to dwell upon them and then to start to feel down and depressed about what has gone wrong in our life or what we haven’t achieved or what we don’t have.

To make changes in our lives we have to change our thoughts and now is the perfect opportunity to start to see what has gone right in our lives.  In other words it’s time to ‘count our blessings’.

Why don’t you start a journal to record all that you are thankful for each day; it may be as simple as a smile from an unexpected source, or someone says thank you for something you’ve done for them.  Maybe you are grateful for your health, family, and wellbeing.  Whatever it is, why don’t you take the time to record these ‘Angelic blessings’ every day, and start to see that you are indeed more blessed and abundant than you realised.