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Poetry - The Eagle

All of the poetry on this page has been channeled by me, you are free to use it for non-commercial applications.
(conditions for use: each poem is to be kept intact, my name and copyright is to kept with the poem as its author).

The Eagle

The eagle with the rising sun looked down upon the desert sands, and gathered quickly on the run from man’s expansive greedy hands, the goodness of the soil to keep, on which the whole of earth would reap.

The goodness of the golden sun which looked upon the eagles face said ‘now look at man - the human race, what has he done to God’s great gift.’ How sad that he’s not seen the ground so green and brown and looked upon it’s many ills and tried to mend it with his skills. Indeed for all the world to see, mans vanity will win the day, the earth is sick with his decay.

Fear not the eagle in his flight will battle on with all his might, to fight for good and send the call to all that rally to his sight.

The earth will ail of that – no doubt, but God will all her enemies out. Then as the sun will rise again so will the earth, and as her friend the eagle soars so will the earth rise up again, but this time it is without the men. Who scarred and ripped and hurt her skin until the soul from deep within no longer could contain the hurt and flung them all from off the earth and sighed a deep surrendering sigh and begged the lord ‘Oh let me die’.

The earth she slumbered, soft and deep. Sleeping soundly - small stirrings rippled through the softness of her new soft coat, animals hurried through the new-born growth of lush green new woods.

The eagle watched as down below all new things began to grow, and he said ‘out of death new life begins’. So do not weep when life seems lost. Remember there is no beginning and there is no end, just the cycle of life which is our friend.

(Channeled 18th August 1999 by Sharon May) ©Sharon May 2003

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