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Poetry - Spirit

All of the poetry on this page has been channeled by me, you are free to use it for non-commercial applications.
(conditions for use: each poem is to be kept intact, my name and copyright is to kept with the poem as its author).


You love me when I do not love myself
You trust me when I do not trust myself
You believe in me when I do not believe in myself
You are my saviour in my world of despair

You are my light, my hope, my love and my life
You are the spirit within me who fights the darkness of my thoughts
You are the spark that lights the flame within my heart when it is cold
You are the meaning of my life
You are the essence that is GOD

You are ME and I am YOU

I am the soul that once was lost
I am the breathe of life itself
I am the phoenix from the flame
I am the fragrance of the earth
I am the brilliance of the sun

I am YOU and you are ME

We are SPIRIT and our spirit is free.

(Channeled by Sharon May, 31st Janruary 2008) © Sharon May 2008, all rights reserved

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